PCNOK: Aim And Advantages Of Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma

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Overview of PCNOK: 

PCNOK (Patient Care Networking) is an organisation that is dedicated to bringing healthcare services to the patients in digital ways for easy access. 

The spread of online networks has never left any field and business. During the pandemic period this networking is getting more highlighted. These days, medical science is also providing online services to get in touch with people. It helps them to provide their services easily and rapidly to the patients. 

It also supports elderly patients who are sick and provides rehabilitation facilities to them. Monitoring the huge population online is not an easy task, this process is risky and involves the most advanced technology. In spite of all these difficulties, PCNOK (patient care network) provides great care and health advice to its patients. This network contains online solutions to all the fragile  and sensitive subjects to guide and provide services to the patients who suffer from chronic diseases.

What Is PCNOK (patient care network)?

The PCNOK (Patient Care Network of Oklahoma) is a group of healthcare providers who provide medical assistance and guidance to low-income Oklahoman people. 

To be a member of PCNOK, providers must meet certain eligibility requirements, which includes a valid licence to practice, to be board certified in their specialty.

PCNOK provides various services including  well-child visits, family planning, acute care visits, immunizations, chronic disease management, and behavioural health services.

How PCNOK provide Help to Patients?

At Patient Care Network of Oklahoma, the first priority of healthcare providers is to give better and high-quality services to the patients. The workers work closely with patients and their families to make sure to provide them the best possible care. They offer a great variety of services which includes primary care and home health services.

PCNOK also provides you with a variety of educational data and resources to help patients and their families to learn more about their health situations and how to manage the problems. 

Mission, Values, And Vision

The primary mission of PCNOK is to provide the top quality care to the patients and their families. 

Our values include:

  1. PCNOK Provides the peak quality of care to the patients.
  2. The goal is to treat the patients with compassion and great respect.
  3. They Work together as a team to give the best care for their patients.
  4. They provide affordable, and easily accessible healthcare for everyone.

PCNOK’s main vision is to be the top ranking provider of high-quality healthcare to people in Oklahoma. They are dedicated to providing their best possible care and experience to the patients. They are passionate to cast a positive impact on the lives of the patients.

Funding Sources

The PCNOK is a non-profit organisation. It provides financial help to low-income patients who are in need of medical care. Donations from public and private organisations help PCNOK to continue its mission.

Since the inception of PCNOK it has provided its services to over 10,000 patients. In 2017 alone, PCNOK provided over $1 million to low-income patients who were in need of medical protection.

How to Access Services of PCNOK?

If you are a patient of PCNOK, you can easily access the services in many possible ways. The most appropriate way to reach their services is through their official website www.pcnok.com. The other way to get the services is by calling their customer care service number. 

Services that PCNOK provides include:

  • Access to medical care: With the help of Patient Care Network of Oklahoma you can find doctors and healthcare specialists to get the care you need. 
  • Financial assistance: The patients who have limited resources could get the assistance from PCNOK for medical care.
  • Insurance enrollment: It provides the patients with different insurances. These include Medicaid, Medicare and also life long insurance.

Advantages of PCNOK In various Fields:

1. Benefits  for Patients:

It provides its patients with great care and proper attention. Monitoring the patients with great support helps to create a strong bond between the workers and the patients during the treatment period. However, patients get independent to deal with their critical health conditions and it saves the life of the patients. It stimulates the treatment and therapy. It can provide a healthy lifestyle to the patients.

2. Benefits of PCNOK with Family Members:

This digital network gives benefits to patients and their family members. Patients can get assured of certainty towards abnormalities that detect and can easily deal with their health problems.

3. Advantages for healthcare professionals:

It is a smart and active monitoring parameter at home so in this regard it is also useful for healthcare professionals. During critical times, doctors are available  for a large population during the treatment.

4. Advantages for SSN:

With the help of the smart detecting feature of the PCNOK digital network emergency room situations are reduced. This network gives the patients remote assistance.

Members of PCNOK:

PCNOK provides the membership to all of the health care departments in Oklahoma. These are the departments who want to collaborate with PCNOK and play their part to improve the quality of patients. Resources, support, and training is provided to all the members. 

The list of members of PCNOK is listed below:

  • Community Health Connection 
  • Family Medical Center of Oklahoma
  • Panhandle Health and Counseling Center Oklahoma
  • Northeast  Community Health Center of Oklahoma
  • Arkansas Verdigris Health Center
  • Pushmataha Family Medical Center Oklahoma
  • Stigler Wellness and Health Center Oklahoma
  • Kiamichi Family Medical Center of Oklahoma
  • Lawton Community Health Center of Oklahoma
  • Great Salt Plains Health Center Oklahoma
  • Morton Comprehensive Health Services Oklahoma
  • Caring Hands Healthcare Centers Oklahoma

PCNOK’s Revenue

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma includes all hospitals, healthcare professionals, and clinics, with $1.1 million in revenue. Although, the share and growth is low  as compared to other organisations in the market.

Bottom Line:

Technology is making our lives easier day by day. So in this modern age you can also get authentic medical care and guidance at your home. It is possible only due to this digital network PCNOK which is a non-profit organisation providing you a safe and complete treatment plan. It provides the patients suffering from chronic diseases with the medical assistance they require. PCNOK network is an effective technique to deal with patients.

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